Gateway to the Classics: A Moral Alphabet by Hilaire Belloc
A Moral Alphabet by  Hilaire Belloc

F For Family

F for a family

taking a walk

In Arcadia Terrace, no doubt:

The parents indulge in intelligent talk,

While the children they gambol about.


At a quarter-past six they return to their tea,

Of a kind that would hardly be tempting to me,

Though my appetite passes belief.

There is jam, Ginger Beer, Buttered Toast, Marmalade,

With a Cold Leg of Mutton and Warm Lemonade,

And a large Pigeon Pie very skillfully made

To consist almost wholly of Beef.


A Respectable Family taking the air

Is a subject on which I could dwell;

It contains all the morals that ever there were,

And it sets an example as well.

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