Gateway to the Classics: The Ancient World by Albert Malet
The Ancient World by  Albert Malet

Front Matter


I have used L'Antiquité, by Albert Malet, as a work of reference in teaching the Middle Forms of the Park School, Preston, and the First year Frœbel Students at the Maria Grey Training College.

I have known many history teachers deterred from the teaching of World History by the lack of suitable text-books, and I have made this translation of a book written to meet the requirements of French secondary schools, in the hope that it will fill a long-felt want, by providing a book for the first year's work.

I wish to express my thanks to Miss Alice M. Stoneman, Head Mistress of the Park School, Preston, who first brought the book to my notice, and who kindly allowed me to make use of the translation she had already begun, and to Mrs. Jehanne Russell, whose advice and encouragement have helped me throughout.


Maria Grey Training College,
          June 1920

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