Gateway to the Classics: Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju
Indian Fables by  Ramaswami Raju

The Dog, the Wolf, and the Moon

One night a dog in charge of a flock of sheep was barking at the moon. A wolf who was lurking close by, said, "Why do you howl like that?"

"Because," said the dog, "I find you prowling here, and call to my friend in the moon to come down for a moment to help me to drive you away."

"Is there then a dog in the moon also?" said the wolf.

"Certainly there is one," said the dog.

"Any sheep?" said the greedy brute.

"None whatever," said the dog.

"Then it is not worth my while to go to the moon," said the wolf, and left the place.

The dog said, "The greedy have ever an eye upon their prey!"

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