Gateway to the Classics: Joseph Haydn by George P. Upton
Joseph Haydn by  George P. Upton

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The following is a chronological statement of the principal events in the life of Joseph Haydn:

March 31, 1732 Born at Rohrau.

1740 Chorister at Saint Stephen's, Vienna.

1748 Left Saint Stephen's.

1752 Composition of first opera, "Der neue krumme Teufel."

1755 Composition of first symphony.

1759 Director and Chamber Composer to Count Morzin.

1760 Married Maria Anna Keller.

1761-1790 Chapelmaster at Esterhaz.

1785 Composition of "The Seven Words."

1790-1792 First London visit.

1791 Made Doctor of Music at Oxford.

1794-1795 Second London visit.

1797 Composition of "The Emperor's Hymn."

1798 Composition of "The Creation."

1801 Composition of "The Seasons."

1809 Death at Vienna.

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