Gateway to the Classics: Mozart's Youth by George P. Upton
Mozart's Youth by  George P. Upton

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The following is a chronological statement of the principal events in the life of Mozart:

1756  Born at Salzburg, Austria, Jan. 27.

1762  Concert tour with his sister. Received at the Austrian Court.

1763  Received at the Court of France.

1764  Received at the Court of England.

1765  Received at the Court of Holland.

1768  Appointed Concert-meister to Archbishop of Salzburg.

1769  Visited Italy and elected member of the Accademia Filarmonica at Bologna.

1769  "Mitridate" produced at Milan.

1771  Second visit to Italy.

1778  Visited Paris.

1781  Composed "Idomeneo."

1782  Married Constanze Weber, third daughter of Fridolin Weber, a prompter and copyist.

1786  Composed "Marriage of Figaro."

1787  Composed "Don Giovanni."

1787  Appointed Chamber composer to the Emperor.

1787  Composed his last three symphonies.

1789  Concert tour through Germany.

1791  Composed "The Magic Flute" and "The Requiem."

1791  Died in Vienna, Dec. 5.

1859  Monument erected on the probable site of his grave by the city of Vienna.

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