Gateway to the Classics: Architecture Shown to the Children by Gladys Wynne
Architecture Shown to the Children by  Gladys Wynne

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About this Book

This book is about beautiful buildings, and it has been written to help you to enjoy them. You know how much more delightful a walk in the country is if you know something about birds and wild flowers, and how much more you enjoy a visit to the theatre when you hare read the play, and know the different characters and actors. Well, it is just the same with buildings. A little knowledge of architecture will help you to enjoy them. The world is full of beautiful buildings—our own streets are rich with them—if only we had eyes to see! But we pass them carelessly by, with hardly a glance, just because we have never been introduced to them, and do not know how interesting they are. Now, this little book is going to introduce you to some of these buildings. It will show you their portraits, and tell you something of their history and character, so that, when you meet, it will be not as strangers, but friends. And more than that. If you read it very carefully, a curious thing will happen. You will find yourself looking at every building you meet, and will discover, to your joy and surprise, that the streets of your city, which you used to think rather dull and uninteresting, are full of a new and wonderful interest.

"What has happened to them?" you ask. Nothing has happened to them. The change is in you. You have found the key that unlocks the gates of the House Beautiful, and can now enter in and enjoy its treasures.

G. W.

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