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Franklin T. Baker


Why Cats Wash Their Faces after Eating

Once a cat caught a mouse.

The poor mouse was badly frightened.

He did not know what to do.

Then he had a very wise thought.

He said,

      "I suppose you will eat me, Kitty.

      But you must wash your face first."

"Why?" said the cat.

"Because," said the mouse, "all nice persons wash before eating."

"I suppose that is so," said Kitty.

"I should like to be a nice person, and I had better wash my face."

So she began to wash her face, and forgot to hold the mouse.

Away he ran to his nest.

"Good-by, Kitty," he cried.

      "I am glad that you waited

      to wash your face."

"Next time, I shall eat first and then wash," said Kitty. "I don't care what people think."

Ever since then, all cats eat first and then wash their faces.

Have you not seen your cat do it?