Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
Agnes Taylor Ketchum


Pitter-patter on the pane,

Welcome to the drops of rain

Coming from the clouds above,

Bringing messages of love.

Pitter-patter on the trees,

Bathing off the dusty leaves;

Birdies' home made fresh and clean,

Curtained in with emerald green.

Pitter-patter Summer showers

Saying to the thirsty flowers,

"Turn your petals toward the sky

When the clouds are passing by."

Pitter-patter on the ground,

Each blade of grass has caught the sound;

And when the sunshine doth appear,

Each blade will then a jewel wear.

Pitter-patter on the ground,

With pitter-patter comes the sound,

A whispering rustling voice is near;

Nature is singing, love is here.