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Agnes Taylor Ketchum

Who Likes the Rain?

"I," said the duck. "I call it fun,

For I have my little red rubbers on.

They make a cunning three-toed track

In the soft, cool mud,—quack! quack!"

"I," said the dandelion, "I!

My roots are thirsty, my buds are dry."

And she lifted her little golden head

Out of her green grassy bed.

"I hope 'twill pour! I hope 'twill pour!"

Croaked the toad at his gray back door,

"For, with a broad leaf for a roof,

I am perfectly weather-proof."

Sang the brook: "I laugh at every drop,

And wish they never need to stop

Till a big river I grew to be,

And could find my way to the sea."