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Charlotte Mason


Little need be said about the county of Middlesex, beyond London. It is rather hilly, and the handsome houses of rich people stand among trees in every pleasant spot, for the suburbs of London stretch far on all sides, Hampstead is one of these pleasant places; it stands at the foot of a wide, open heath, 430 feet above the sea. Highgate Hill is about the same height, and so is the hill on which the town of Harrow stands, famous for its old Grammar School. Primrose Hill, just beyond Regent's Park, a hill of which the Londoners think a great deal, is not more than half the height of these. There is some high ground, hills and heaths, in the north, on the Hertfordshire border. After London there are no important towns in the county. Brentford has but one long street on the bank of the Brent. Hounslow stands on the edge of a wide heath of celebrity in other days as a haunt of highwaymen. Uxbridge has a corn market; and Staines is another small town.