Bobby and the Big Road  by Maud Lindsay

The Home in the Country

B OBBY and his father and mother had lived in a great city all of Bobby's life; but ever since he could remember they had been planning and saving for a home in the country.

Nothing pleased Bobby so much as to hear Father tell about this country home; and he was never tired of asking questions about it.

"Will it have a porch like the one at Grandmother's?" he would say.

"Yes, indeed," said Father. "A great roomy porch with morning-glory vines climbing over it; and in the evenings you and Mother and I will sit there to watch the stars."

"Oh, yes!" said Bobby, "and will there be a tree in our yard?"

"More than one," said Father; "and in the largest one of all we will hang a swing."

Bobby never failed to clap his hands at the thought of that swing.

"And now tell about the wide, shining windows that will let in the sunshine and fresh air; and about the birds that will wake us up in the morning," he begged.

Father could tell about all these things.


Father could even draw a picture of the home.

He could even draw a picture of the home just as they wanted it to be but if Bobby asked when  they would have their new home Father could only say:

"If we are willing to work for it, and save for it, and wait for it, we shall surely have a home in the country some day."

"I'm willing, and so is Mother," said Bobby. "Aren't you, Mother?" And he smiled till his face was as pleasant to see as a new moon.