Outdoor Visits  by Edith M. Patch

Goldenrod Honey

Don liked yellow flowers. So he went to visit some goldenrod.

Many insects visited the flowers, too. Don watched them come and go.


He saw the big black and yellow bumblebees. He heard the happy humming sound they made with their wings.

The bumblebees had a good time when they visited goldenrod flowers. They found nectar there to drink. The nectar was like sweet water and the bumblebees came for it.

Honey bees came to the goldenrod to drink the sweet nectar, too.

Honey bees change nectar to honey. They make goldenrod honey every fall and keep some for winter. There are no flowers for them to visit in winter. When they are hungry, they eat some of their honey for food. Goldenrod honey is good for bees.


Don liked goldenrod honey, too. His mother gave him some to eat with bread.


His mother told him, "Goldenrod honey is darker than clover honey. Some people like it much better than any other kind."