Outdoor Visits  by Edith M. Patch

Ladybird Flies Away

Ladybird was not really a bird. She was a little beetle.

The two pretty wing-covers on her back were red. There was a small black spot on each one. Her two thin wings did not show. They were under her red wing-covers.

She had been in the home of Don and Nan all winter. She came into their house in the fall and found a crack or some other place she liked. Then she went to sleep.

She did not need much room for she was not so long as a fourth of one inch.


Ladybird did no harm in the house. She did not eat any rugs or clothes. She did not like that kind of food.

There was no food in the house she did like. But she was too sleepy to eat. So she was all right so long as she had a good place to rest.

Ladybird woke one pleasant day in spring. She walked about the room on her six little black feet.

She saw the sunshine at the window. She lifted her two red wing-covers and spread her two thin wings. Then she flew to the light.

Mother and Nan saw the beetle on the window glass.

"See the red beetle with black spots on its back!" said Nan.

Mother said, "That is a two-spotted ladybird. She has been resting in the house all winter. Now she would like to be outdoors. She has had nothing to eat. Perhaps she is hungry."

Mother opened the window and said, "Fly away, little Ladybird!"


Her wings were thin and small but she could fly away with them. She went as far as the park and found a rose bush.

Ladybird was hungry but she did not eat the rose bush. She did not like to eat any kind of plant.

Ladybird liked aphids to eat. So it was pleasant for her that there were some on the rose bush.


The aphids were little soft insects with long sharp beaks. They put the ends of their beaks into the tender rose stems and sucked the juice.

The rose bush needed its juice to grow with. So the aphids were not good for the bush.

Don and Nan came to visit Mr. Gray in the park. They found him looking at the rose bush.

Mr. Gray said, "I am very glad Ladybird has come. She will help me take care of the bush."