Outdoor Visits  by Edith M. Patch

A New Year's Party

§ 1. "Chickadee Dee Dee"

One day Mother asked Don and Nan, "Would you like to have a party for some birds?"

"I think that would be jolly," said Nan. "Where may we have it?"

"We are all going to the farm," said Mother. "You may have your bird party there."

"New Year's Day will come next week," said Don. "Shall we have our party for the birds then?"

"Yes," said Nan, "and then we can give them good things to eat and wish them a Happy New Year!"


When the children went to the farm, they tied some suet to a branch of a tree by the farm house. They took some nuts out of the shells and put them into cracks in the suet.

On New Year's Day a little bird came to the branch. Most of his feather coat was gray. But his throat was black and he had a black cap.

He perched on top of the suet and ate some of it. Then he clung with his head down and reached to get some from the under side.


Don and Nan laughed to see the little bird eat his treat with his feet up and his head down.

The bird put his bill into the suet and found a piece of nut.

He carried the nut in his bill to another tree. Then he put the nut on a branch and held it there with one foot while he ate it.

After he ate the nut he sat on the branch and sang, "Chickadee dee dee! Chickadee dee dee!"

While he was singing, some more little birds with black caps came.

They had very good bird manners. Only one bird came to the piece of suet at one time. They took turns.


Don and Nan said, "Happy New Year, Chickadees!"

And the little birds sang, "Chickadee dee dee! Chickadee dee!"