Outdoor Visits  by Edith M. Patch

Sounds of Spring

§ 2. A Frog Chorus

"Father," said Don, "what sound do you like best to hear in spring?"

"A frog chorus in April!" said Father. "When the ice is melted in the ponds and frogs come there to sing, I am happy to hear them."

"It is April, now," said Don.

"May we visit the pond?" asked Nan. "Perhaps the frogs are there. I should like to hear a frog chorus."

"I will go with you," said Father.

Before they reached the pond, Father said, "I can hear them, now!"

Don and Nan stood still to listen.

Then Don said, "I wish we could see them while they sing."

Father said, "If we talk when we are near them, they will hear us and stop singing."

"Then we will not talk," said Nan.

They went to the pond and sat on some big stones. When they were very quiet the frogs began to sing. First a few sang. Then many sang.


Some of the singers had green backs and some had brown backs. They all had dark brown spots and their name was Leopard Frog.

When they sang, their skin puffed out at each side near the ears.


Don and Nan listened to the frog chorus with Father. Then they all went home.

"Once I saw some toads sit in the pond and I heard them sing," said Don. "They did not look like these frogs. They puffed out their throats like little balloons."

"Some kinds of frogs puff their throats out at the middle," said Father, "somewhat as toads do."