Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Marjorie's Almanac

Robins in the tree top,

Blossoms in the grass,

Green things a-growing

Everywhere you pass.

Sudden little breezes,

Showers of silver dew,

Black bough and bent twig

Budding out anew;

Pine tree and willow tree,

Fringed elm, and larch,—

Don't you think that May-time's

Pleasanter than March?

Apples in the orchard

Mellowing one by one;

Strawberries upturning

Soft cheeks to the sun;

Roses faint with sweetness,

Lilies fair of face,

Drowsy scents and murmurs

Haunting every place;

Lengths of golden sunshine,

Moonlight bright as day—

Don't you think that summer's

Pleasanter than May?

Roger in the corn patch

Whistling negro songs;

Pussy by the hearth side

Romping with the tongs;

Chestnuts in the ashes.

Bursting through the rind;

Red leaf and gold leaf

Rustling down the wind;

Mother "doin' peaches"

All the afternoon,—

Don't you think that autumn's

Pleasanter than June?

Little fairy snow-flakes

Dancing in the flue;

Old Mr. Santa Claus,

What is keeping you?

Twilight and firelight

Shadows come and go;

Merry chime of sleigh bells

Tinkling through the snow;

Mother knitting stockings,

Pussy's got the ball,

Don't you think that winter's

Pleasanter than all?