The Sea

The Sea is a good friend of mine;

For when I come along,

She makes her ripples dance for glee

And sings a splendid song.

Down close beside her I can watch

The silver sails unfurl,

And every rolling, tumbling wave

Upon the shore uncurl;—

They make wide mirrors for the sky

And zig-zag ropes of sand,

To mark the farthest edges where

The water touches land.

At night the Moon a pathway makes

Across the spreading Sea;

It must be for the Sea's mermaids

And small mermen, and me.

It leads straight from its skyward end

To ripples at my feet,

And sometime I perchance may trip

Along the golden street;

I'd like to visit with the Moon

And walk the Milky Way

And linger with the little stars—

If the golden path would stay!