Eugene Field

Little Blue Pigeon

Sleep, little pigeon, and fold your wings—

Little blue pigeon with velvet eyes;

Sleep to the singing of mother-bird swinging—

Swinging the nest where her little one lies.

Away out yonder I see a star—

Silvery star with a tinkling song;

To the soft dew falling I hear it calling

Calling and tinkling the night along.

In through the window a moonbeam comes—

Little gold moonbeam with misty wings;

All silently creeping, it asks: "Is he sleeping—

Sleeping and dreaming while mother sings?"

Up from the sea there floats the sob

Of the waves that are breaking upon the shore,

As though they were groaning in anguish, and moaning—

Bemoaning the ship that shall come no more.

But sleep, little pigeon, and fold your wings,

Little blue pigeon with mournful eyes;

Am I not singing??—see, I am swinging—

Swinging the nest where my darling lies.