Mary Howliston

Our Flag

There are many flags in many lands,

There are flags of every hue,

But there is no flag, however grand,

Like our own "Red, White and Blue."

I know where the prettiest colors are,

And I'm sure if I only knew

How to get them here I could make a flag

Of glorious "Red, White and Blue."

I would cut a piece from an evening sky,

Where the stars were shining through

And use it just as it was on high,

For my stars and field of blue.

Then I'd want a part of a fleecy cloud,

And some red from a rainbow bright

And put them together side by side,

For my stripes of red and white.

We shall always love the "Stars and Stripes,"

And we mean to be ever true.

To this land of ours and the dear old flag,

The Red, the White and the Blue.

Then hurrah for the flag! our country's flag,

Its stripes and white stars too;

There is no flag in any land,

Like our own "Red, White and Blue!"