Margaret Johnson

A Sad Little Lass

"Why sit you here, my lass?" said he.

"I came to see the king," said she,—

"To see the king come riding by,

While all the eager people cry,

'God bless the king, and long live he!'

And therefore sit I here," said she.

"Why do you weep, my lass?" said he.

"Because that I am sad," said she.

"For when the king came riding by,

And all the people raised a cry,

I was so small I could not see;

And therefore do I weep," said she.

"Then weep no more, my lass," said he.

"And pray, good sir, why not?" said she.

"Lift up your eyes of bonnie blue,

And look and look me through and through;

Nor say the king you could not see.

I  am the king, my lass," said he.