James Russell Lowell

The Fountain

Into the sunshine,

Full of the light,

Leaping and flashing

From morn till night!

Into the moonlight,

Whiter than snow,

Waving so flower-like

When the winds blow!

Into the starlight

Rushing in spray,

Happy at midnight,

Happy by day!

Ever in motion,

Blithesome and cheery,

Still climbing heavenward,

Never a-weary.

Glad of all weathers,

Still seeming best,

Upward or downward,

Motion thy rest.

Full of a nature

Nothing can tame,

Changed every moment,

Ever the same.

Ceaseless aspiring,

Ceaseless content,

Darkness or sunshine,

Thy element.

Glorious fountain,

Let my heart be

Fresh, changeful, constant,

Upward, like thee!