Laura E. Richards

The Monkeys and the Crocodile

Five little monkeys

Swinging from a tree;

Teasing Uncle Crocodile,

Merry as can be.

Swinging high, swinging low,

Swinging left and right:

"Dear Uncle Crocodile,

Come and take a bite!"

Five little monkeys

Swinging in the air;

Heads up, tails up,

Little do they care.

Swinging up, swinging down,

Swinging far and near:

"Poor Uncle Crocodile,

Aren't you hungry, dear?"

Four little monkeys

Sitting in the tree;

Heads down, tails down,

Dreary as can be.

Weeping loud, weeping low,

Crying to each other:

"Wicked Uncle Crocodile,

To gobble up our brother!"