Laura E. Richards

A Legend of Lake Okeefinokee

There once was a frog,

And he lived in a bog,

On the banks of Lake Okeefinokee.

And the words of the song

That he sang all day long

Were, "Croakety croakety croaky."

Said the frog, "I have found

That my life's daily round

In this place is exceedingly poky.

So no longer I'll stop,

But I swiftly will hop

Away from Lake Okeefinokee."

Now a bad mocking-bird

By mischance overheard

The words of the frog as he spokee.

And he said, "All my life

Frog and I've been at strife,

As we lived by Lake Okeefinokee.

"Now I see at a glance

Here's a capital chance

For to play him a practical jokee.

So I'll venture to say

That he shall not to-day

Leave the banks of Lake Okeefinokee."

So this bad mocking-bird,

Without saying a word,

He flew to a tree which was oaky.

And loudly he sang,

Till the whole forest rang,

"Oh! Croakety croakety croaky!"

As he warbled this song,

Master Frog came along,

A-filling his pipe for to smokee,

And he said, " 'Tis some frog

Has escaped from the bog

Of Okeefinokee-finokee.

"I am filled with amaze

To hear one of my race

A-warbling on top of an oaky;

But if frogs can climb trees,

I may still find some ease

On the banks of Lake Okeefinokee."

So he climbed up the tree;

But alas! down fell he!

And his lovely green neck it was brokee;

And the sad truth to say,

Never more did he stray

From the banks of Lake Okeefinokee.

And the bad mocking-bird

Said, "How very absurd

And delightful a practical jokee!"

But I'm happy to say

He was drowned the next day

In the waters of Okeefinokee.