The Burgess Animal Book for Children by Thornton W. Burgess

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Jenny Wren Gives Peter Rabbit an Idea
Peter and Jumper Go to School
More of Peter's Long-Legged Cousins
Chatterer and Happy Jack Join
The Squirrels of the Trees
Striped Chipmunk and His Cousins
Johnny Chuck Joins the Class
Whistler and Yap Yap
Two Queer Little Haymakers
Prickly Porky and Grubby Gopher
A Fellow with a Thousand Spears
A Lumberman and Engineer
A Worker and a Robber
A Trader and a Handsome Fellow
Two Unlike Little Cousins
Danny's Northern Cousins and Nimbleheels
Three Little Redcoats and Some Others
Mice with Pockets, and Others
Teeny Weeny and His Cousin
Four Busy Little Miners
Flitter the Bat and His Family
An Independent Family
Digger and His Cousin Glutton
Shadow and His Family
Two Famous Swimmers
Spite the Marten and Pekan the Fisher
Reddy Fox Joins the School
Old Man Coyote and Howler the Wolf
Yowler and His Cousin Tufty
Some Big and Little Cat Cousins
Bobby Coon Arrives
Buster Bear Nearly Breaks Up School
Buster Bear's Big Cousins
Unc' Billy and Old Mrs. Possum
Lightfoot, Blacktail and Forkhorn
Bugler, Flathorns and Wanderhoof
Thunderfoot, Fleetfoot and Longcoat
Two Wonderful Mountain Climbers
Piggy and Hardshell
The Mammals of the Sea

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