The Burgess Bird Book for Children by Thornton W. Burgess

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Jenny Wren Arrives
The Old Orchard Bully
Jenny Has a Good Word for Some Sparrows
Chippy, Sweetvoice and Dotty
Peter Learns Something He Hadn't Guessed
An Old Friend in a New Home
The Watchman of the Old Orchard
Old Clothes and Old Houses
Longbill and Teeter
Redwing and Yellow Wing
Drummers and Carpenters
Some Unlike Relatives
More of the Blackbird Family
Bob White and Carol the Meadow Lark
A Swallow and One Who Isn't
A Robber in the Old Orchard
More Robbers
Some Homes in the Green Forest
A Maker of Thunder and a Friend in Black
A Fisherman Robbed
A Fishing Party
Some Feathered Diggers
Some Big Mouths
The Warblers Arrive
Three Cousins Quite Unlike
Peter Gets a Lame Neck
A New Friend and an Old One
Peter Sees Rosebreast and Finds Redcoat
The Constant Singers
Jenny Wren's Cousins
Voices of the Dusk
Peter Saves a Friend and Learns Something
A Royal Dresser and a Late Nester
Mourner the Dove and Cuckoo
A Butcher and a Hummer
A Stranger and a Dandy
Farewells and Welcomes
Honker and Dippy Arrive
Peter Discovers Two Old Friends
Some Merry Seed-Eaters
More Friends Come with the Snow
Peter Learns Something about Spooky
Queer Feet and a Queerer Bill
More Folks in Red
Peter Sees Two Terrible Feathered Hunters

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