Emily Huntington Miller

April Fools

Shy little pansies

Tucked away to sleep,

Wrapped in brown blankets

Piled snug and deep,

Heard in a day dream

A bird singing clear:

"Wake, little sweethearts;

The springtime is here!"

Glad little pansies,

Stirring from their sleep,

Shook their brown blankets

Off for a peep,

Put on their velvet hoods,

Purple and gold,

And stood all a-tremble

Abroad in the cold.

Snowflakes were flying,

Skies were grim and gray,

Bluebird and robin

Had scurried away;

Only the cruel wind

Laughed as it said,

"Poor little April fools,

Hurry back to bed!"

Soft chins a-quiver,

Dark eyes full of tears,

Brave little pansies,

Spite of their fears,

Said "Let us wait for

The sunshiny weather;

Take hold of hands, dears,

And cuddle up together."