Frequently Asked Questions

The program costs $49.95 for the year. Is this a 12 month year? or a traditional 9 month school year?

A membership is for a full 12 months, starting from the date you join.

How are the selected books scheduled? Automatically by the program? Or by the parent? (Do I, as the parent need to go through each selection and schedule each daily reading? OR does the program do this based on certain parameters I would enter?)

It is not BOOKS that are scheduled in a plan, but BLOCKS. A standard BLOCK contains 36 readings, one for each week of the school year. All the readings in a block may come from a single book, a couple of books, or a variety of books. All you need to do to create a plan is to select a few BLOCKs for each child and enter them into your plan in the order they are to be read during the week. Then the weekly reading plans are created automatically. The selection of blocks MAY take you a while, since there are 335 blocks to choose from. But you can use the Block Selector to view only those blocks belonging to the genre(s) you choose and the age range you select.

Do we pay an additional fee for the downloaded ebooks?

No, all new ebooks released during the year that you are a member are available for you to download at no additional charge. Two new ebooks are released each week, so you will have 104 new ebooks available to you over the course of the year.

Are all the ebooks in Yesterday's Classics 225 Titles Ebook Package available to download too?

No, all these titles are available to read online, but not to download as ebooks. Once you join Gateway to the Classics, you will have an opportunity to purchase the package for $49.95.

Do we need to be online to use a plan once it has been set up?

You need to be online to create a plan, but once it is set up, you can print the plan overview and weekly schedules to use as checklists. If you want all reading to be done offline, you would need access to the text. This could be an ebook, a print book, or text that you printed or copied to a file. You can print the text of readings in a plan in two ways. The first is to click on the week number to print (or copy to a file) all the text for the readings in that week. The second is to click on the block header to print (or copy to a file) all the text for the readings in that block. Audio recordings are only available if you are online.

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