Gateway to the Classics: A Child's Book of Stories by Penrhyn W. Coussens
A Child's Book of Stories by  Penrhyn W. Coussens

The Lion in His Den

A LION who had grown old, and had no more strength to hunt for food, saw that he must get it by cunning. So he crept into a corner of his den, and made believe that he was very sick.

All the animals about came in to take a look at him. As they entered, he snapped them up for his food.

When a good many beasts had been caught in this way, a fox came along.

He did not enter the lion's den, but stood at a little distance from the opening. "How are you to-day, my friend?" asked he.

"Oh, I am very sick," said the lion. "I shall not live long. Come in and see me that I may say farewell to you."

"Ah, no!" said the fox. "I see that all the foot-prints point into your den, and none point out."

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