Gateway to the Classics: A Nature Guide by William Samuel Furneaux
A Nature Guide by  William Samuel Furneaux

Front Matter


T HE value of nature study as a means of training children to observe and investigate is now fully recognised by the majority of our best teachers, with the result that the careful study of natural things and phenomena takes a very prominent place in the school curriculum; and the object of this little guide is to assist the teacher in his attempts to obtain for the children the maximum benefit of the thoughtful observations of their physical environment.

The purpose of the book is not to supply the teacher with Information on all the various aspects of Nature, for an attempt to attain this end in a single volume would necessarily result in a most scrappy and unsatisfactory summary of Nature's works. The aim is rather to lead the teacher to the best methods of treating his subjects, and to supply him with such practical suggestions as will help him in providing and maintaining a suitable supply of material for both occasional and continuous observations.

Thus, while a certain amount of information is given with the object of calling attention to various things of special interest, and to phenomena that are not always understood, the space is devoted mainly to the treatment of nature lessons within the school building, to seasonal studies out of doors, and to the preparation and management of valuable aids to the study of Nature, such as the aquarium, the vivarium, the school garden, and the school museum.

Although but little space is devoted to the descriptions of natural objects, it is hoped that the numerous photographs and other illustrations will enable the reader to identify the majority of the things named.

W. S. F.

London , 1911.

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