Gateway to the Classics: The Hanoverians by C. J. B. Gaskoin
The Hanoverians by  C. J. B. Gaskoin

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Sovereigns of the House of Hanover down to Victoria.

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Like its predecessors in the Series, this little volume aims rather at interesting children in the leading events and personages of a particular period than at providing a historical text-book. Many omissions have therefore been inevitable—the more so because space was needed for a brief account of economic development, of the government of England, and of the growth of the Empire.

Military history is necessarily very prominent in the century after 1714, but, speaking generally, details of battles and campaigns have been avoided. Quebec, Trafalgar and Waterloo, however, have been treated on a fairly large scale, and, it is hoped, in such a manner as to make them interesting.

The author has had the benefit of expert advice from schoolmasters, past and present, and other educational authorities, at all stages of his work. And, in the extraordinarily difficult task of avoiding everything that could be construed as showing the slightest party bias, he hopes that he has taken full advantage of much trenchant criticism from politicians of diametrically opposite views.

To all his critics—as to all the many historians whose guidance he has gratefully followed—he here tenders his thanks.

Numerous contemporary portraits, prints, and coins have been drawn upon for the illustrations, and the facilities afforded by the authorities of the British Museum for this purpose are acknowledged with gratitude. The cover design is reproduced from the Coronation Service Book of George III.



Admiral Duncan receiving the sword of the Dutch Admiral, De Winter, after the Battle of Camperdown, 1797.


Sophia, Electress of Hanover, Mother of the First King of the House of Hanover.

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