Gateway to the Classics: Nights with Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris
Nights with Uncle Remus by  Joel Chandler Harris

More Trouble for Brer Wolf

The next night the little boy hardly waited to eat his supper before going to Uncle Remus's house; and when Aunt Tempy failed to put in an appearance as early as he thought necessary, he did not hesitate to go after her. He had an idea that there was a sequel to the story she had told the night before, and he was right. After protesting against being dragged around from post to pillar by children, Aunt Tempy said:—

"Atter Brer Rabbit tuck'n make out he 'uz pizen'd un git all de beef, 't wa'n't long 'fo' he chance to meet ole Brer Wolf right spang in de middle uv de road. Brer Rabbit, he sorter shied off ter one side, but Brer Wolf hail 'im:—

" 'W'oa dar, my colty! don't be so gayly. You better be 'shame' yo'se'f 'bout de way you do me w'en we go inter cahoots wid dat beef.'

"Brer Rabbit, he up'n ax Brer Wolf how all his folks. Brer Wolf say:—

" 'You'll fin' out how dey all is 'fo' dis day gone by. You took'n took de beef, en now I'm a-gwine ter take'n take you.'

"Wid dis Brer Wolf make a dash at Brer Rabbit, but he des lack a little bit uv bein' quick 'nuff, en Brer Rabbit he des went a-sailin' thoo de woods. Brer Wolf, he tuck atter 'im, en yer dey had it—fus' Brer Rabbit en den Brer Wolf. Brer Rabbit mo' soopler dan Brer Wolf, but Brer Wolf got de 'vantage er de win', en terreckly he push Brer Rabbit so close dat he run in a holler log.

"Brer Rabbit bin in dat log befo' en he know dey's a hole at de t'er een', en he des keep on a-gwine. He dart in one een' en he slip out de udder. He ain't stop ter say goo'-bye; bless you! he des keep on gwine.

"Brer Wolf, he see Brer Rabbit run in de holler log, en he say ter hisse'f:—

" 'Heyo, dey bin callin' you so mighty cunnin' all dis time, en yer you done gone en shot yo'se'f up in my trap.'

"Den Brer Wolf laugh en lay down by de een' whar Brer Rabbit went in, en pant en res' hisse'f. He see whar Brer B'ar burnin' off a new groun', en he holler en ax 'im fer ter fetch 'im a chunk er fier, en Brer B'ar he fotch it, en dey sot fier ter de holler log, en dey sot dar en watch it till it burn plum up. Den dey took'n shuck han's, en Brer Wolf say he hope dat atter dat dey'll have some peace in de neighborhoods."

Uncle Remus smiled a knowing smile as he filled his pipe, but Aunt Tempy continued with great seriousness:—

"One time atter dat, Brer Wolf, he took'n pay a call down ter Miss Meadows, en w'en he git dar en see Brer Rabbit settin' up side uv one er de gals, he like to 'a' fainted, dat he did. He 'uz dat 'stonish'd dat he look right down-hearted all endurin' uv de party.

"Brer Rabbit, he bow'd his howdies ter Brer Wolf un shuck han's 'long wid 'im, des like nothin' ain't never happen 'twixt 'um, en he up'n say:—

" 'Ah-law, Brer Wolf! Youer much mo' my fr'en' dan you ever 'speckted ter be, en you kin des count on me right straight 'long.'

"Brer Wolf say he feel sorter dat a-way hisse'f, en he ax Brer Rabbit w'at make 'im change his min' so quick.

" 'Bless you, Brer Wolf, I had needs ter change it,' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee.

"Brer Wolf, he ax 'im how come.

" 'All about bein' burnt up in a holler log, Brer Wolf, en w'en you gits time I wish you be so good ez ter bu'n me up some mo',' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee.

"Brer Wolf, he ax 'im how so. Brer Rabbit say:—

" 'I'm fear'd ter tell you, Brer Wolf, 'kaze I don't want de news ter git out.'

"Brer Wolf vow he won't tell nobody on de top side er de worl'. Brer Rabbit say:—

"I done fin' out, Brer Wolf, dat w'en you git in a holler tree en somebody sets it a-fier, dat de nat'al honey des oozles out uv it, en mor'n dat, atter you git de honey all over you, 't ain't no use ter try ter burn you up, 'kaze de honey will puzzuv you. Don't 'ny me dis favor, Brer Wolf, 'kaze I done pick me out a n'er holler tree,' sez Brer Rabbit, sezee.

"Brer Wolf, he wanter put right out den en dar, en Brer Rabbit say dat des de kinder man w'at he bin huntin' fer. Dey took deyse'f off en 't wa'n't long 'fo' dey came ter de tree w'at Brer Rabbit say he done pick out. W'en dey git dar, Brer Wolf, he so greedy fer ter git a tas'e er de honey dat he beg en beg Brer Rabbit fer ter let 'im git in de holler. Brer Rabbit, he hol' back, but Brer Wolf beg so hard dat Brer Rabbit 'gree ter let 'im git in de holler.

"Brer Wolf, he got in, he did, en Brer Rabbit stuff de hole full er dry leaves en trash, en den he got 'im a chunk er fier en totch 'er off. She smoked en smoked, en den she bust out in a blaze. Brer Rabbit, he pile up rocks, en brush, en sticks, so Brer Wolf can't git out. Terreckly Brer Wolf holler:—

" 'Gittin' mighty hot, Brer Rabbit! I ain't see no honey yit.'

"Brer Rabbit he pile on mo' trash, en holler back:—

" 'Don't be in no hurry, Brer Wolf; you'll see it en tas'e it too.'

"Fier burn en burn, wood pop like pistol. Brer Wolf, he holler:

" 'Gittin' hotter en hotter, Brer Rabbit. No honey come yit.'

" 'Hol' still, Brer Wolf, hit'll come.'

" 'Gimme a'r, Brer Rabbit; I'm a-chokin'.'

" 'Fresh a'r make honey sour. Des hol' still, Brer Wolf!'

" 'Ow!  she gittin' hotter en hotter, Brer Rabbit!'

" 'Des hol' right still, Brer Wolf; mos' time fer de honey!'

" 'Ow! ow!  I'm a-burnin', Brer Rabbit!'

" 'Wait fer de honey, Brer Wolf.'

" 'I can't stan' it, Brer Rabbit.'

" 'Stan' it like I did, Brer Wolf.'

"Brer Rabbit he pile on de trash en de leaves. He say:—

" 'I'll gin you honey, Brer Wolf; de same kinder honey you wanted ter gimme.'

"En it seem like ter me," said Aunt Tempy, pleased at the interest the little boy had shown, "dat it done Brer Wolf des right."

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