Gateway to the Classics: Story of the Greatest Nations: Spain by Charles F. Horne
Story of the Greatest Nations: Spain by  Charles F. Horne

Rulers of Spain


The leading sovereigns of Spain: (from top left) Isabella II, Charles I (V), Maria Christina, Isabella I, Alfonso XII, Ferdinand V, Philip I, Philip V, Philip II.

Kings Of Asturias And Leon

739Alfonso I.
791Alfonso II.
842Ramiro I.
850Ordono I.
866Alfonso III.
914Ordono II.
923Fruela II.
925Alfonso IV.
93oRamiro II.
950Ordono III.
955Ordofio IV.
956Sancho I.
967Ramiro III.
983Bermudo II.
999Alfonso V.
1027Bermudo III.
1037Ferdinand I.
1065Alfonso VI.

Kings Of Leon And Castile

1072Alfonso VI.
1109Queen Urraca.
1126Alfonso VII.
1159Sancho III.
1158Alfonso VIII.
1188Alfonso IX.
1214Henry I.
1230Ferdinand III., the Saint.
1252Alfonso X., the Wise.
1284Sancho IV.
1295Ferdinand IV.
1312Alfonso XI.
1350Peter the Cruel.
1369Henry II.
1379John I.
139oHenry III.
1406John II.
1454Henry IV.
1474Isabella and Ferdinand V.
1504Joanna and Philip I.
1506Ferdinand V.

Kings Of Aragon

1035Ramiro I.
1065Sancho Ramirez.
1094Peter I.
1104Alfonso I., the Battler.
1134Ramiro II.
1137Petronilla and Raymond.
1163Alfonso II.
1196Peter II.
1213James I., the Conqueror.
1276Peter III.
1285Alfonso III.
1291James II., the Just.
1327Alfonso IV.
1336Peter IV.
1387John I.
1412Ferdinand the Just.
1416Alfonso V.
1458John II.
1479Ferdinand II. (V. of Castile).

Kings Of Spain

1506Ferdinand V.
1516Charles I.
1556Philip II.
1598Philip III.
1621Philip IV.
1665Charles II.
1766Philip V.
1746Ferdinand VI.
1759Charles III.
1788Charles IV.
1868Ferdinand VII.
1868Joseph Bonaparte.
1814Ferdinand VII. (restored).
1833Isabella II.
1874Alfonso XII.
1886Alfonso XIII.


Prime Minister Sagasta.

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