Gateway to the Classics: Stories from the Crusades by Janet Harvey Kelman
Stories from the Crusades by  Janet Harvey Kelman

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Wherever the battle was hottest, Richard seemed to spring from the ground.

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The Heroes of the Crusades

The stories in this book are of heroes who lived hundred of years ago. They caught sight of a beautiful dream and lived and died to make it come true.

Their eagerness swept along with them not only men who had never dreamed the dream and who did not know for what end they fought, but bad men also who only wished to get what they could for themselves.

The Crusades are long past, yet to-day there are men who see visions of good and who wish to bring them down to earth. With them are others who fight selfishly as did Bohemond and Baldwin long ago. But there are still men like Francis, who carry goodwill with them, and great knights like Tancred and like Louis, who live to fight for the poor and the weak,

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