Gateway to the Classics: In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
In the Days of the Guild by  Louise Lamprey

Perfumer's Song

The rule of the world is heavy and hard,

Taketh of every life a share,

Strive as it may to cherish and guard

The dawning hope that was all so fair,

And yet, so sure as the night-wind blows,

Memory dwells in her place apart,

And the savor of rue or the breath of a rose

Brings peace out of trouble, dear heart, dear heart!

There was never a joy that the world can kill

So long as there lives a dream of the past,

For the alchemist in his fragrant still

Keeps fresh the dream to the very last.

So sure as the wind of the morning blows

To heal the trouble, to cool the smart,

The breath of lavender, thyme and rose

Will bring to thee comfort, dear heart, dear heart!

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