Gateway to the Classics: Page, Esquire, and Knight by Marion Florence Lansing
Page, Esquire, and Knight by  Marion Florence Lansing

The Troubadour


Gayly the Troubadour touched his guitar,

As he was hastening home from the war,

Singing, "From Palestine hither I come,—

Lady-love, lady-love, welcome me home!"

She for her Troubadour hopelessly wept,

Sadly she thought on him while others slept,

Sighing, "In search of thee, would I might roam,

Troubadour, Troubadour, come to thy home!"

Hark! 'twas the Troubadour breathing her name,

As under the battlement softly he came,

Singing, "From Palestine hither I come,

Lady-love, lady-love, welcome me home!"

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