Gateway to the Classics: Grammar-Land by M. L. Nesbitt
Grammar-Land by  M. L. Nesbitt

Front Matter

Preface to the Third Edition

The favourable reception that the former Editions of this little book have met with, calls for a word of acknowledgment. It seems that not only the little folks for whom it was intended, but children of a larger growth have read it with interest; and students, who spend days and nights "with weary eyesight poring over, miserable books," have condescended to turn over these pages, and laughingly admit that the imagination may sow even the dustiest of book-shelves with flowers. Teachers of the younger classes in schools have found this little volume extremely useful; and it is suggested, that though children will often read it with pleasure by themselves, they will derive much more profit from it when it is made the text-book for a lesson. The simple exercises appended to each chapter will then be found both useful and entertaining.

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