Gateway to the Classics: The Second Book of the Great Musicians by Percy A. Scholes
The Second Book of the Great Musicians by  Percy A. Scholes

Front Matter

To the Reader

Here is a Second Book of the Great Musicians—for those who have already read the first one. As whilst they have been reading it they have been growing older and cleverer, I have not used such simple language this time as I did before, and I have made the chapters rather longer and fuller. I want to offer a word of thanks to Mr. Emery Walker, as well as to Mr. F. Page of the Oxford University Press, who have taken a great deal of trouble to help me to find suitable pictures to illustrate this book, and to Mr. W. R. Anderson, Editor of the monthly journal, The Music Teacher,  who has read the proofs for me. A Third Book of the Great Musicians is in preparation and will complete the series.


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