Gateway to the Classics: The Pearl Story Book by Ada M. Skinner and Eleanor L. Skinner
The Pearl Story Book by  Ada M. Skinner and Eleanor L. Skinner

Back Matter

Transcriber's Note

On pp. 13-14 the text reads, "The king took up the sack nearest to him, their surprise, when out rushed a great heap of brown leaves, which flew all over the floor and half choked them with dust!" It appears there may be some missing text between "nearest to him" and "their surprise"; there does not appear to be any damage or obscured text in the original book, and the line count matches that of other pages, so it may be that a line was omitted during typesetting. The transcriber was unable to locate an alternative printing of the story, so, as it is impossible to determine what that text may be, the omission is preserved as printed.

Poe is referred to in this text as Edgar Allen Poe, rather than the more usual Edgar Allan Poe. This is preserved as printed.

Although authors and translators are listed in the Table of Contents, their names are not always included with their prose in the main text. This convention is retained here to match the original book.

Minor punctuation errors have been repaired.

Hyphenation and capitalisation has been made consistent within individual pieces in the book.

The following amendments have been made:

First page of Acknowledgments—Edinburg amended to Edinburgh—"To T. C. and E. C. Jack of Edinburgh . . . "

Second page of Acknowledgments—Procter amended to Proctor—" . . . James Russell Lowell, Edna Dean Proctor, . . . "

Second page of Contents—Horatio amended to Horatia—" . . .  Juliana Horatia Ewing . . . "

Third page of Contents—Spring and Winter reversed—"How Spring and Winter Met . . . "

Page 19—Parain amended to Parian—" . . . On coop or kennel he hangs Parian wreaths; . . . "

Page 52—truely amended to truly—"I have told you truly who she is."

Page 75—place amended to placed—" . . . they are placed alternately on each side . . . "

Page 279—stone amended to stove—"I went under the stove and could lie down . . . "

Page 360—hop-vine amended to hop-bine—" . . . and a long ripe hop-bine trailing after him . . . "

The frontispiece illustration has been moved to follow the title page. The caption in {brackets} has been added by the transcriber for the convenience of the reader.

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