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Specific Suggestions and Directions

The more detailed suggestions regarding method in beginning reading are arranged in four sections:

Use of Book from the First

Section I aims to give specific directions for those teachers who desire to place the book in the hands of the pupils within the first week. This was the intention of the authors of the Primer. So far as is known the plan has proved satisfactory wherever tried. The delight the little folk feel when they realize they can read a story from the book is beyond description.

An Alternate Plan

Section II is simply an alternate plan for the guidance of those teachers who prefer to postpone having the children read from the book for about three weeks. There is no serious objection to this plan. For some teachers, with certain types of children, it may be the better plan. It is, however, likely to involve a large amount of unnecessary work, that is distinctly less interesting than that involved in the plan outlined in Section I.

Supplementary Reading

Section III presents suggestions regarding the selection and use of supplementary reading.

The Course in Phonics

Section IV is designed to give all the help any teacher needs for systematic and thorough teaching of all the essentials of phonics.

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