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Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

The Ant and the Dove

T HERE was once an Ant who was very thirsty, and she went down to the brook to drink, but she reached too far over the water and the current carried her away down the stream.

A Dove taking pity on her pulled a leaf from a bush near by and dropped it into the water. The Ant, climbing upon the leaf, floated down the stream until the leaf drifted to the side of the brook and she landed safely on the other side.

Not long after, a man who was out in the woods tried to catch the Dove. But the Ant was watching, and just as the man was about to catch the Dove the Ant bit him on his heel.

This made the man jump so suddenly that the Dove was frightened, and flew away in safety.

— Adapted by Clara M. Lewis from Æsop's fables