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Agnes Taylor Ketchum

Autumn Talk

"Where does Summer leave off and Autumn begin?"

How many know that it's autumn we're in?

One night while we slept, not one in the house

Knew when Autumn came in, as still as a mouse.

Autumn is here. What does she find?

The fruits of the Summer, so generous and kind;

The earth covered with carpets of many a hue,

And flowers in waiting to welcome her, too.

I wonder how many of you have thought,

When the insects are buzzing and flitting about,

Where they all live, and what they all do,

When "Jack Frost" comes with the sleet and snow?

From sunrise to sunset, from sunset till dawn,

Through the tree-tops, and over the lawn,

Autumn is whispering words of good cheer

To her insect babies; they have nothing to fear.

Before Winter comes, with her loving call,

Into her moss-lined cradle she'll have gathered them all.

She'll tuck them up tight, like babies we know;

It is quite like mamma to do just so.

Mother Autumn will turn the bright summer light

Into a soft, mellow one; just as mamma each night,

When baby is tired, turns the light down,

Singing, "Sleep, baby, sleep, the bright light is gone."