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Agnes Taylor Ketchum

Wise Snow Drop and Silly Billy

L ITTLE DAVE MORGAN lived in North Wales. His father kept a great many goats. They used to climb up and down these high mountains, and leap from crag to crag, where no other animal would dare to go. On Dave's sixth birthday, his father brought down from the mountains a pair of twin kids for his present. One was pure white, with buff ears, and Dave named her "Snow-drop." The other, a beautiful gray, shaded with black, he named "Billy." He petted and fed them so they soon grew fat and saucy. I have no doubt Billy really liked his little sister, but he delighted in teasing her whenever he could get a chance.

In Wales there are many mountain streams, narrow, but very deep. The only foot-bridge over some of these streams is a plank, or trees laid side by side. There was one stream which this little brother and sister often crossed, Billy going first. One day he was in a mischievous mood. He trotted over as fast as he could, and then came back. In this way he met poor Snow-drop just in the middle of the plank. Then what a time! He capered and butted, and threatened to throw her into the stream. Dave, who stood on the shore watching all this, felt sure that Billy would drown his beautiful Snow-drop; but he did not. What do you think she did after he had teased her so long? Why, the sensible little creature lay down on the plank. Billy, tired of the fun, took the hint and jumped over her. This is a true story of two welsh goats. I think Dave was right when he called them "Wise Snow-drop" and "Silly Billy."