Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
Laura E. Richards


dropcap image OME children were quarrelling one day, and calling one another names.

"You are stupid," said one; "if you were not, you would think as I do."

"If you were not wholly blind," said another, "you would see with my eyes."

"Your ignorance is what troubles me!" said a third.

"Ignorance is not so bad as ill-will!" said a fourth.

Just then came by the Angel-who-understands-things.

"What are you quarrelling about, children?" asked the Angel.

"About our God!" said the children.

"Oh!" said the Angel. "The God of Strife, I presume?"

"No!" cried one. "He is the God of Peace!"

"He is the God of Wisdom!" said another.

"He is the God of Love!" said a third.

"Indeed!" said the Angel. "I never should have thought it."