Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
J. H. Stickney

The Nurse and the Wolf

A WOLF, prowling about to find something for supper, heard a Child crying in a house. Listening, he heard the Nurse say, "Stop crying this minute, or I will throw you out of doors to the Wolf."

The Wolf sat down near door, thinking within himself, "I shall soon have a good supper."

The Baby cried and cried, till at last it went to sleep; and then the Wolf heard the Nurse say: "There, that's a good Baby. If the naughty old Wolf comes for my darling, we'll beat him, so we will."

The Wolf trotted sadly home. On his way he met the Fox.

"What makes you look so sour and so forlorn, my friend?" said the Fox.

"Don't speak to me!" growled the Wolf. "I have just lost my supper just because I believed what a Nurse said to a Baby."