Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
J. H. Stickney

The Wolf and the House Dog

A WOLF met a Dog, and seeing that he looked fat and sleek, said to him, "How does it happen, my friend, that you are so plump, while I, although I run after game day and night, am half starved?"

"Why," said the Dog, "I do not have to run after my food. I only guard the house at night, and all the family pet me and feed me with scraps from their own plates. Come and live with me, and you shall be as well as I am."

"That I should like," said the Wolf. "I will at least go with you and try the life."

As they trotted along the road together, the Wolf saw a mark on the Dog's neck, and asked him what it was.

"Oh, that is nothing," said the Dog; "only a little mark made by the fretting of my chain."

"Do you wear a chain?" asked the Wolf; "and do you mean to say that you are tied up?"

"Why, yes," said the Dog; "they tie me in the daytime, but at night I can go where I please. It is a bit annoying at first, but one soon gets used to it."

"Good-by," said the Wolf; "that is enough for me. Though I may not be fat, I will at least be free."