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Harriette Taylor Treadwell


The Wind and the Sun

The wind and the sun had a quarrel.

The wind said, "I am the stronger."

The sun said, "I am the stronger."

The wind said, "I can break trees. I move ships, and I bring the rain."

The sun said, "I bring the summer, I ripen the fruits and grains, and I cover the earth with flowers."

So they quarreled till they saw a man coming.

"Here comes a man with his cloak on," the wind said. "If you can take his cloak off, you shall be called the stronger. If I take it off, I shall be called the stronger."

"You begin," said the sun, and it went behind a cloud.

The wind began to blow. The man drew his cloak closer about him. The wind blew harder and harder. The man drew his cloak closer and closer. At last the wind had to give up.

Then the sun came from behind the cloud. It shone bright and warm. The man grew warmer and warmer. He unbuttoned his cloak. He threw it back. And then he took it off.