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Gertrude Chandler Warner


A Letter to You

Dear ............................,
       (Write your own name here.)

Before you read this little book, Dr. Lorry says I must tell you that the stars are not always in the same place in the sky. If you are not acquainted with them, it is easier to find them when they are just coming up in the east. So under the name of each group of stars, you will find the best time of year to look for it. In the winter, I always had my lessons at seven o'clock, but after April it was so light that we changed the time to eight o'clock. Since then, there is a new plan to SAVE DAYLIGHT, so from April to October while this plan lasts, you will have to go out at nine  o'clock on the dates printed with each lesson.

Dr. Lorry laughed when he found that his pictures were going into a real Astronomy book, and said if he had known this, he would have been more particular. But I have been able to learn the stars from them very easily.

As soon as you find a constellation, write the date under its picture. Then you will know when you have earned your diploma. I hope you will have as good a time as I did, finding the fifteen constellations.

Your little friend,