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Little Jack Frost

Little Jack Frost went up the hill,

Watching the stars and the moon so still—

Watching the stars and the moon so bright

And laughing aloud with all his might.

Little Jack Frost ran down the hill,

Late in the night when the winds were still,

Late in the fall when the leaves fell down

Red and yellow and faded brown.

Little Jack Frost walked through the trees;

"Ah," sighed the flowers, "we freeze, we freeze!"

"Ah," sighed the grasses, "we die, we die!"

Said little Jack Frost, "Good-by, good-by."

Little Jack Frost tripped 'round and 'round

Spreading much snow on the frozen ground,

Nipping the breezes, icing the streams,

Chilling the warmth of the sun's bright beams.

But when Dame Nature brought back the spring,

Brought back the birds that chirp and sing,

Melted the snow and warmed the sky,

Little Jack Frost went pouting by.

The flowers opened their eyes of blue,

Green buds peeped out and grasses grew;

It was so warm and scorched him so,

Little Jack Frost was glad to go.