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The Robber Kitten

A kitten once to its mother said,

"I'll never more be good,

But I'll go and be a robber bold

And live in a dreary wood,

Wood, wood, wood,

And live in a dreary wood."

So off he went to a dreary wood,

And there he met a cock,

And blew his head with a pistol off,

Which gave him an awful shock,

Shock, shock, shock,

Which gave him an awful shock.

Soon after that he met a cat.

"Now give to me your purse

Or I'll shoot you through and stab you, too,

And kill you—which is worse,

Worse, worse, worse,

And kill you—which is worse."

At last he met a robber dog

And they sat down to drink;

The dog did joke and laugh and sing,

Which made the kitten wink,

Wink, wink, wink,

Which made the kitten wink.

At last they quarreled, then they fought

Beneath the greenwood tree,

And puss was felled with an awful club

Most terrible to see,

See, see, see,

Most terrible to see.

When puss got up his eye was cut

And swelled, and black and blue;

Moreover all his bones were sore,

Which made this kitten mew,

Mew, mew, mew.

Which made this kitten mew.

So up he got and rubbed his head,

And went home very sad.

"O mother dear, behold me here;

I'll never more be bad,

Bad, bad, bad,

I'll nevermore be bad."