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John Kendrick Bangs

A Thanksgiving

For summer rain, and winter's sun,

For autumn breezes crisp and sweet;

For labors doing, to be done,

And labors all complete;

For April, May, and lovely June,

For bud, and bird, and berried vine;

For joys of morning, night, and noon,

My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!

For loving friends on every side;

For children full of joyous glee;

For all the blessed Heavens wide,

And for the sounding sea;

For mountains, valleys, forests deep;

For maple, oak, and lofty pine;

For rivers on their seaward sweep,

My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!

For light and air, for sun and shade,

For merry laughter and for cheer;

For music and the glad parade

Of blessings through the year;

For all the fruitful earth's increase,

For home, and life, and love divine,

For hope, and faith, and perfect peace,

My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!